Reimagining growth that delivers for everyone

At Mastercard, we are reimagining what growth means for everyone in today’s digital economy. Our first step is achieving financial inclusion for 500 million people. But our goal is inclusive growth. To reach this goal, we are applying our best assets – tools, technology, insights, funding, partnerships, and expertise – to improve the lives of people and communities around the world. Explore below to see how we are delivering results by putting the digital economy to work for everyone, everywhere.


Delivering essential disbursements to marginalized communities

Digital payment solutions ensure essential services and disbursements can be delivered simply and securely to the families and communities that need it most.

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Catalyzing underserved microbusinesses

Breaking down barriers for microbusinesses by providing owners with digital tools and services to pay and get paid securely, gain access to capital, and grow their businesses and thrive.

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Empowering women through digital tools and services

Providing women with digital financial services and training to gain control over their and their family’s financial futures and to realize their full economic potential.

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