The evolution of one of the world's most instantly recognized brands

On July 14, 2016, we introduced an evolution of our brand identity that is built for an increasingly digital world. The brand identity starts with a new brand mark, and plays out in a holistic design system that will deliver a forward-thinking, sophisticated and inclusive brand expression around the world.

In the coming months, the evolved brand identity, including the most comprehensive brand design system we have ever introduced, will be incorporated on all of our products, communications and experiences.  

Meet our new brand mark

Designed to work seamlessly across all digital platforms, retail channels and devices, our new brand mark preserves our heritage by incorporating our iconic red and yellow interlocking circles.

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Frequently asked questions

How has the logo changed?
Since 1968, the Mastercard brand mark has relied on extraordinarily simple elements: two interlocking circles in red and yellow. The new brand mark preserves and builds on that iconic foundation, providing a crisp, modern, simple look. Importantly, the new mark has more flexible configurations that are suited for today's digital world.

When does the new branding roll out?
We provided a sneak peek of our new brand mark and design system on July 14. The official global rollout of the new branding will take place starting in early October 2016. Prior to then, you may see selective implementations of the new branding in key advertising and digital marketing properties.


Will my bank or credit union send me a new card?
Cards with the new logo will begin to be issued after September 30, 2016, through the normal course of business. So, if your card has not expired, you can continue to use it with no issues. It will be up to your bank or credit union as to whether they choose to issue you a new card earlier than your set expiration date.

Who designed the evolved branding and logo?
Michael Beirut and Luke Hayman of Pentagram, one of the industry’s most respected design firms, have been working with us to develop the brand mark and design system.


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