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of B2B payments are still paid by check, increasing costs and inefficiencies1

Unlock business opportunities through more efficient business practices

Today’s businesses demand efficiency and speed but over 50% of B2B payments are still made by check, increasing costs and lags. Our technological advances can make these losses unnecessary by giving you new opportunities to help streamline processes, optimize acceptance and gain efficiencies. We are here to help you every step of the way: our tools, services and consulting expertise prepare you for digital transformation.




Optimization solutions

Mastercard B2B Optimization Services make it easy for financial institutions and their clients to grow their commercial card programs through automating, streamlining, and creating efficiencies. Optimization also provides a structured repeatable process that paves the way for continual improvements.

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Customized payment strategies

Strategies help establish when, where and which payment solutions can be used to get the most value.

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Speed to spend

Get to card issuance and usage faster when implementing a new card program.

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Supplier enablement services

Supplier enablement services will manage outreach campaigns for commercial product acceptance and focus on appropriate supplier profiles and payment types. 

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Benchmarking tools

Provide account expansion insights by spend category, suppliers and associated value.

eCatalogs and cards-streamline the entire requisition-to-payment process to optimize your B2B payments

How to Get More Value by Optimizing Your Payment Strategy

When you improve your entire requisition-to-payment process, you can discover a world of benefits. For example, you can eliminate many inefficient requisition and AP processes, reduce costs, and potentially increase revenue.

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1 Credit Research Foundation, "CRF/NACHA Payment Benchmarks Survey", 2017